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DIY Kids Craft Supply Organization

By: Thrifty and Chic
August 3, 2018

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DIY Kids Craft Supply Organization
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At our house crayons, coloring pencils, markers and all things craft supplies are all the rage. I love that my kids are exploring their creativity, but I can't stand the mess and chaos! There's no better way to control said chaos than with a little organization in the form of mason jars decorated just for them!

These were so desperately needed in our home. The crayons are usually just placed in a small bin that then gets rummaged through which ultimately ends up all over the table or ground.

Items needed:

  • Americana Multi-Surface Satin Acrylics 2oz - Night Sky
  • Americana Multi-Surface Satin Acrylics 2oz - White Birch
  • Americana Multi-Surface Satin Acrylics 2oz - Flamingo
  • Americana Reusable Adhesive Stencil 10x10 - Fun Floral
  • 3 Large Mason Jars
  • 2 Small Mason Jars
  • Foam and Stenciling brushes


Americana Multi-Surface Satin

Instruction #1 - IMG 8834
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Americana Reusable Stick-On Stencil

Instruction #2 - IMG 8726
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I picked mason jars that had smooth glass.

Instruction #3 - IMG 8729
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Step 1: Using the foam brush, paint the larger mason jars White Birch and the smaller ones Night Sky. Wait an hour or so between coats. I ended up only needing to do 2 coats on these.

Instruction #4 - IMG 8732
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Also, paint 3 lid rims Night Sky and 2 of the rims Flamingo. Wait an hour or so between coats.

Instruction #5 - IMG 8754
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Step 2: I chose to cut up my stencil to make them easier to manipulate since the mason jars are smaller and round.

Instruction #6 - IMG 8736
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Step 3: It's time to stencil after the background paint has had time to dry fully, a couple of hours. I took off the plastic backing on the stencil I chose to use, in this case the flower, and placed the stencil onto the jar. I pressed down gently to make sure it adhered to the jar, especially where I would be painting.

Instruction #7 - IMG 8741
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Step 4: I used my stenciling brush and Night Sky for this flower. I first removed the excess paint by dabbing it onto a plate, and then gently applied the paint to the jar.

Instruction #8 - IMG 8744
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I used Flamingo on this jar with the Night Sky in the background using the same technique.

Instruction #9 - IMG 8748
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I used White Birch as the leaves on the front bottom of the smaller jars. If you mess up at all on the stencil, just grab a wet cotton swab and wipe it off.

Instruction #10 - IMG 8752
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Before the paint had time to dry, I pulled up the stencil and placed it on some wax paper so I could use them on the other jars. Once I finished with all the painting, I cleaned off my stencils using some mild soap and water. Since they are reusable, I can use them again for a different project!

Can I just say how much I love these reusable adhesive stencils? They work around non-flat objects the best! Plus, you get a good crisp line every time! 

Here's the finished project.

Instruction #11 - IMG 8799
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To fit the pencils and crayons into the jars, I just placed some grocery bags into the bottom of each jar so they colors were easy to access.

Instruction #12 - IMG 8823
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My kids have loved these and how they now have easy access to all the colors without trying to find one at the bottom of the bin. I think I may need to make a few more now for all of their other craft supplies to keep this mommy sane! 

Instruction #13 - IMG 8815
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Be sure to visit Thrifty and Chic  for more projects and to learn more about Alicia.


great ideas, I might even use them for my messy desk.


August 13, 2018

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