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How to Use Transfer Paper

By: Crafts by Amanda
March 3, 2014

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How to Use Transfer Paper
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Ask any tole painter what transfer paper is and chances are they have used it many times over. However, for most crafters, this is a little gem of a tool that most hadn’t considered or didn’t know was available. It’s called transfer paper; though you may remember something similar called carbon paper.

Items needed:

  • Americana Accessories - Americana Graphite Paper - Grey
  • Americana Accessories - Americana Graphite Paper - White


Instruction #1 - SAM 5166
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Transfer paper, shown above in black and white, can be used on several different surfaces to easily transfer a pattern. For instance, if you are making a sign and want to transfer your favorite font onto your wood, you can! Simply print out the pattern or words you want to use, side the transfer paper underneath it and trace over your design with a ballpoint pen, or if you have one, a stylus.

Instruction #2 - SAM 5178
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When you remove the design, your pattern will be on your surface!

Instruction #3 - SAM 5179
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For many years I tole painted and often used pattern books for the designs I chose. This blue child’s stool is a great example. I found the pattern in a book I bought and used transfer paper to trace it onto my stool.

Instruction #4 - stool close30
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I painted many jars over the years (before painting on jars was cool!), like this one of the Cape Hatteras lighthouse. Again, I used transfer paper to get the outline of the design onto the glass. I would often draw out the design first then transfer it to the glass with transfer paper. This allowed me to make multiple jars for my store without having to freehand all of them.

Instruction #5 - cape hatteras
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Things to keep in mind when using transfer paper:

1)   Choose the color that will show up best on your surface

2)   Keep in mind that if you are painting with a light color, using black transfer paper is not a good idea as you will have a much harder time covering it, choose white instead

3)   Transfer paper can be cut into smaller pieces and used multiple times before it’s spent

4)   Keep your transfer paper stored either in its original package or in a plastic storage bag

Transfer paper is a great tool to keep in your craft room. Check the artist’s section of the craft store, as that’s where you will likely find it. It can be very handy for all sorts of projects!

Be sure to visit Crafts by Amanda  for more projects and to learn more about Amanda.


Where can I get this transfer paper in San Diego, California, USA? Can I use it to transfer to felt or fabric? Thanks, PR


September 9, 2021

Hello Patricia! Thank you for your comment! Our products can be found at Beverly Fabrics and Crafts, Home Depot, JoAnn, and Michaels!


September 17, 2021

Our transfer paper should transfer to felt or fabric, however, there is a risk that it may not wash out of the fabric. We recommend that you do a test swatch to see if the pigment comes out of the fabric before starting your project. Thanks again for your questions! Let us know if we can be any more help to you!


September 17, 2021

Is it wax-free? This is very important property & NOT mentioned anywhere! We know some other papers, namely 'FRISK' or 'PaperWave' brands- which are graphite black & /or White also, but they are WAX-FREE and very useful. In fact, wax-free property is a MUST. Is your brand paper equally effective & can be a successful alternative at all?


April 6, 2022

Thank you for your question, Abhijit! Our transfer paper does include wax. Please let us know if you have any other questions!


April 12, 2022

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