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Before you buy, DIY! Our DIY projects will inspire you to take a new look at items you might already own or that you spot at the local flea market. Whether you are an expert or just starting out, this collection of DIY tutorials will have you feeling empowered to tackle your own projects in no time. Make sure you share your creations with us using #decoartprojects for a chance to be featured.

Accent Table Makeover

By: Just Destiny
February 26, 2018

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Accent Table Makeover
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It’s no secret that I LOVE Satin Enamels by DecoArt. I feel like I can tackle any project with the Satin Enamels line! It has the perfect finish, it’s easy to work with and with all the colors to choose from I have no problem planning my next project.

When it came to this month's makeover, I knew I wanted to do something in my daughter's room. I found a cute bunny lamp from an outlet store near me a few weeks ago and I was so in love with the color of the lampshade that I wanted to add some accent pieces in the same color.

The lampshade had a base of denim blue with a green-gray color washed over it. That was the look I wanted to create on the table! I used three different colors from the Satin Enamels line to help.

Items needed:

  • Americana Decor Satin Enamels 8oz - Dark Denim
  • Americana Decor Satin Enamels 8oz - Moss Green
  • Americana Decor Satin Enamels 8oz - Smoke Grey
  • Small paint roller
  • Small paintbrush


To get an idea of how the colors would blend I used a paper plate and a plastic fork to ombre them together. This process just gave me a visual because I always like to see the colors work together. I didn't want to end up with something that looked like mud. 

Instruction #1 - SatinEnamelsColorPalette
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First, I painted the table with the Dark Denim blue paint. I only used one coat on this because I knew I would be covering it up. Remember this is just a base coat! Also, there is no need to sand anything down because this formula does a great job of adhering to all types of surfaces! Which is another reason why I love this line!

Instruction #2 - DarkDenimBase
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Once it was dry to the touch I used a special mix of half Moss Green and half Smoke Grey to make this color for the top coat. The result was an earthy pastel green.

Using a paint brush I applied smooth, even strokes across the table making sure I didn't completely cover the blue. 

Instruction #3 - FirstCoatOverDarkDenim
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After a few applications, I was left with a vintage looking table that had some touches of blue showing through. Perfect. 

Instruction #4 - FinishedPaintedPiece
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Instruction #5 - FinishedPaintedPiece2
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I kept making sure the color match was as close the lampshade as possible!

Instruction #6 - LampshadeInspiration
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After it was all said and done I think I got a pretty good match! I love this color in her room and I can’t wait to add to it! She just turned 8 so it’s the perfect time to transition into something different as she continues to grow! 

Instruction #7 - TableWithBunnyContainer
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Instruction #8 - TableInDaughtersRoom
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Instruction #9 - TableInDaughtersRoom2
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I think Skokie black too would of look nice with gold.


September 19, 2021

Thanks for your comment, that would look nice!


September 24, 2021

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