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Time to Face Your Fears Journal Page

By: TwoCraftingSisters
January 4, 2018

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Time to Face Your Fears Journal Page
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I am honored to be back with you this year!

I was thinking about the time between the years, and how we often use this period to reflect on the past year, while we look forward to the new year. The passing of time is certainly a key element to this transition period, as well as setting goals or making resolutions for ourselves. By facing and releasing our fears from the past, we can move on into the new year. For example, I am working on letting go of perfection in my art and in my life, or in other words, my fear of imperfection.

Items needed:

  • DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics Interference - Gold Interference
  • Americana Premium Mediums - White Gesso
  • Americana Premium Mediums - Black Gesso
  • Americana Premium Mediums - Texture Medium
  • Americana Premium Mediums - Matte Medium
  • DecoArt Media Misters - Shimmer Turquoise
  • DecoArt Media Misters - Carbon Black
  • Andy Skinner Stencils 8x8 - Made to Measure
  • Andy Skinner Stencils 12x3 - Distressed Digits
  • Andy Skinner Stencils 12x3 - Incognito
  • Americana Decor Stencils - Ocean Life
  • Americana Decou-Page Papers - Olde Worlde
  • Art journal
  • Andy Skinner Stamps (Stampendous) - Steampunk
  • Andy Skinner Stamps (Stampendous) - Unexplained
  • Tim Holtz Stamps (Stampers Anonymous) - Worn Text
  • Acrylic stamping blocks
  • Brushes
  • Water brush
  • Palette Knife
  • Sponge
  • Black Archival ink
  • Punchinella (sequin waste)
  • Black waterproof pen
  • Gold waterproof pen
  • White waterproof pen
  • Graphite Pencil
  • Baby wipes
  • Heat Tool (optional - for quick drying)


Randomly brush art journal pages with white gesso; it’s fine if some areas are not covered. Dry. Use Ocean Life stencil and sponge design with black gesso across both pages.

Stencil an uneven number of these. Dry. Cover both pages with a layer of Primary Yellow paint.

Instruction #1 - Step 131
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Brush Cadmium Orange and Primary Yellow over the base layer on both pages. Let partially dry, and wipe off random areas with a baby wipe or damp cloth.

Instruction #2 - Step2FF
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Stencil gears onto both pages with a sponge and Quinacridone Magenta.

Instruction #3 - Step3FF
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Spritz over the Distressed Digits stencil with Turquoise Mister.

Instruction #4 - Step4FF
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Use the Punchinella as a stencil and sponge with Cobalt Teal Hue, randomly on both pages.

Instruction #5 - Step5FF
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Whitewash the left journal page with Titanium White, wiping off excess with a baby wipe. Dry. Brush both pages with Interference Gold.

Instruction #6 - Step6FF
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Spritz both pages with White and Black Mister. Vary the pressure on the spray to vary the size of the droplets.

Instruction #7 - Step7FF77
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Mix Texture Medium and Cobalt Teal Hue with the palette knife to create a custom color medium. Use the palette knife and Made to Measure stencil and spread the mixture over the stencil to create the raised image. Add leftover mixture to other page using the punchinella. Wash stencils immediately.

Instruction #8 - Step 813
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Stamp clock image, words, and numbers to pages with the black archival ink. Outline the words with a gold pen, and the years with a white pen. Add torn strips of Olde World Collage paper and adhere with Matte Medium. Use your own handwriting and a black pen to journal about fears and letting them go; this will also add a design element to your page. Sketch around the raised clock image with a graphite pencil, then go over it with a water brush.

Instruction #9 - Step 987
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Instruction #10 - DetailsImage1FF
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Instruction #11 - DetailsImage2FF
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May we move forward together into the new year: wishing you a joyous, healthy and creative 2018!

Be sure to visit TwoCraftingSisters  for more projects and to learn more about Maura.


Wow, I love these journal pages! I did not realize Deco Arts made misters and mediums in addition to paints! Will have to look for them and try them out!


January 4, 2018

Many congratulations on being back on the DecoArt Mixed Media Design Team! Your pages are wonderful, I loved seeing all the layers of paint and texture you created for the background and the Stampendous stamp images are fabulous 😁. Thanks for the inspiration and wishing you a very happy and creative New Year! J 😊

Jo - Let's Art Journal

January 5, 2018

It's so great to be with you on the team for another year, Maura! As always your art is totally inspiring and makes me want to immediately get out my paints and create a happy mess (hoping it will look at least half as good as your journal Hugs, Claudia xxx

Claudia Neubacher

January 5, 2018

Very neat journal pages, Maura. Love your use of the misters here. Great tutorial!

Candy Colwell

January 30, 2018

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