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Mosaic Wall Art

By: Jaime Costiglio Blog
July 12, 2017

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Mosaic Wall Art
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Yes, you can make colorful wall art easy and simple even if you aren’t a professional artist.  This mosaic wall art is a basic square shape painted various colors to form a pattern.  If you can paint inside the lines then I guarantee you can make this mosaic style wall art.

Items needed:

  • DecoArt Americana Premium acrylic Primary Magenta
  • DecoArt Americana Premium acrylic Cadmium Yellow Hue
  • DecoArt Americana Premium acrylic Yellow Green Light
  • DecoArt Americana Premium acrylic Primary Cyan
  • DecoArt Americana Premium acrylic Phthalo Blue
  • DecoArt Americana Premium acrylic Titanium White
  • DecoArt Americana Premium Gesso
  • ½” plywood cut to size (19” x 23”)
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Angled Brush
  • 1x2 pine board (frame)
  • Stain
  • Nail Gun
  • Wood Glue
  • 1 ¼” finish nails


Such a huge impact for little one inch squares!  This pattern is known as trip around the world in quilter’s terms but the square shape lends itself to endless pattern possibilities.

It’s the combination of the new DecoArt Americana Premium acrylic paint with the pattern that really makes this wall art complete.  The depth of hue in the premium paint is amazing and because it’s thicker than regular Americana acrylic you have more control over where you are applying the paint.

Instruction #1 - mosaic wall art 2
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You can see in the photo above the viscosity difference between regular Americana versus the Premium paint.  The premium keeps it shape at the tip of the brush while the regular is thinner and more pliable.

Instruction #2 - mosaic wall art regular versus premium
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I used one coat of the Premium paint in each square and then went back to add a second coat in areas where it was too thin.

Instruction #3 - mosaic wall art 5
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Determine the size of your mosaic squares before you begin.  I used 1” squares on a 19” x 23” board.  Once you’ve determined the size cut your plywood and apply gesso as a base coat.

Begin drawing squares using a pencil and ruler.

Instruction #4 - mosaic wall art step 1
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Use an angled brush and begin painting squares.  I recommend letting the paint dry in between colors.

Instruction #5 - mosaic wall art step 2
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I used 6 colors in this pattern:

Instruction #6 - mosaic wall art paint colors
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Once painting is complete make the frame.  Cut the 1x2 board to fit then stain.  Let dry and then attach using wood glue and 1 ¼” finish nails.

Instruction #7 - mosaic wall art step 3
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Add a wire hanger to the back and enjoy!  A very fun project with so many pattern and color possibilities.

Instruction #8 - mosaic wall art 327
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Instruction #9 - mosaic wall art 4
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Be sure to visit Jaime Costiglio Blog  for more projects and to learn more about Jaime.


Beautifully simple! Thanks so much for sharing.


July 19, 2017

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