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DIY Painted Leather Bracelets

By: Alicia Roothoff
March 8, 2017

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DIY Painted Leather Bracelets
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I'm a pretty casual gal, so fashion to me is jeans and t-shirt with a necklace or a bracelet. And I'm all about leather bracelets. I was so excited to get to try the new Patent Leather paint line on some leather I had laying around just waiting to be spruced up! 

Items needed:

  • DecoArt Patent Leather 2oz - Gunmetal
  • DecoArt Patent Leather 2oz - Light Blue
  • DecoArt Patent Leather 2oz - White
  • DecoArt Patent Leather 2oz - Black
  • Leather Straps
  • Leather Magic Braid Bracelets
  • Jump Rings
  • Claps
  • Large Crimp Ends


Gather your supplies.

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Paint the bracelets. I chose to keep one the original leather and paint the two sides White. I then painted the middle White on the second one and chose Light Blue for the rest. Be careful to paint around the button snaps.  

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Follow the directions on how to braid the bracelet.  

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These would be wonderful to add even more color from the Patent Leather paint line having 3 colors instead of just two!  

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 This is my go to bracelet to dress up an old pair of jeans and t-shirt!

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Grab three pieces of leather and measure them to the circumference of your wrist.  

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Paint two of pieces Gunmetal and one piece White.  

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Add the crimp end to both ends using pliers. Then add the jump ring and the clasp.  

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For the other two pieces, add the crimp ends and then join them to the jump ring on the first leather strand. 

This is a perfect way to add a little bit of glam to your wrist while still keeping pretty casual.  

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I decided to do something a little more funky on this bracelet. I just used one strand of leather, measured to my wrist and painted the whole thing White. I then added stripes with the Black.

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I added the jump rings and crimp beads like on bracelet #2, but then I also added a little chain. This adds a little more edge to the piece. Once again, change this up a bit and use Bright Pink for an extra pop! 

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You can find more awesome colors here. Just think what these could do to transform a pair of old shoes! Next on my list :)  

Be sure to visit Thrifty and Chic  for more projects and to learn more about Alicia Roothoff.


You have no idea how happy l am to hear that we can now order leather paint from you. I have been painting my shoes and purses a few times with paints coming through the US .l belong to three painting groups and sure we are going to change canvases for leather goods for a change,l can' wait for our next meeting. Thank you for the good news. Ursula

Ursula cunningham

March 9, 2017

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