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Altered Domino Christmas Ornament

By: Von Pappe II
December 10, 2015

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Altered Domino Christmas Ornament
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Do you love self made Christmas ornaments like I do? I have been making them since I was a child and some of the really old ones from my childhood days still make it to the tree after all those years and I still love doing them now. Looking at them takes you back to merry Christmas eves from the past – so in a way these ornaments are little time machines and keepsakes that hold your personal Christmas history.

Items needed:

  • DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics - Cobalt Teal Hue
  • Americana Decou-Page (Glue-Sealer-Finish) 8oz - Americana Decou-Page Matte
  • DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics - Cobalt Turquoise Hue
  • DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics - Carbon Black
  • DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics - Titanium White
  • DecoArt Media Misters - Shimmer Turquoise
  • DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics - Green Gold
  • DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics - Metallic Gold
  • Assorted Brushes
  • Palette
  • Domino
  • Lace Ribbon
  • Brayer
  • Fine Tip Black Permanent Marker
  • Christmas or Winter Themed Rubber Stamps
  • Spray Bottle
  • Rough Thread


First prime your domino with a thin layer of Matte Americana Decou-Page to provide some tooth for the acrylic paints to hold on to. Let dry. 

Instruction #1 - Xorn step1
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Apply some dots of Titanium White directly from the bottle and spread with a brayer.

Instruction #2 - Xorn step2
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Using a fine tip brush apply some dots of turquoise, green and teal while the white paint is still wet and spread with the brayer. Don't move the brayer across too often as this will lead to a "muddy" result.  

Instruction #3 - Xorn step3
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As long as the paints are still wet sprinkle on some turquoise and white Shimmer mister and lightly mist with water from the spray bottle. This will cause the paints to react and create beautiful patterns. Let air dry. 

Instruction #4 - Xorn step4
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Sprinkle on some diluted Metallic Gold with a fine tip brush. Let dry.

Instruction #5 - Xorn step5
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To stamp on your Christmas images spread some Carbon black paint with a soft brush on a palette or other flat surface and dip the stamp into the paint several times. When stamping make sure you do not apply too much pressure as this will cause the acrylic paint to "drift" towards the sides instead of being transferred to the substrate to create a crisp image.

Instruction #6 - Xorn step634
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If some of the areas of the stamped image aren't properly stamped (due to the acrylic paints creating an uneven surface for the stamping) go in with a black permanent marker to fix them.

Instruction #7 - Xorn step7
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Use your fingertip to smudge and dab some Metallic Gold paint around the edges of the domino. Let dry.

Instruction #8 - Xorn step8
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Glue some lace ribbon around the domino's edge (using Americana Decou-Page Matte Glue and Sealant). Let dry.

Instruction #9 - Xorn step9
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For a finish fix some rough thread for a hanging device. Paint the thread with the Metallic Gold to make it match your ornament. You're done!

Instruction #10 - Xorn step10
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Thanks Everyone!  

Instruction #11 - Xornament1 fin52
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Claudia, your work is always inspiring and this altered domino is no exception! It is beautiful. x

Anne R

December 10, 2015

What an fantastic wintery background, beautiful!


December 11, 2015

Which side of the domino are you using? I know thats a silly question but some use the "dotted" side and others use the smooth side . And how do you finish the backing? Especially if you use the smooth side for decorating? LOve love love this project.

Vicki N

December 11, 2015

Thank you for the lovely comments, ladies! @Vicki I use the smooth side and leave the dotted side untreated so one can still see the "substrate". Fine artists or art critics often turn paintings around to examine the substrate artwork is made on...I have kept this habit from my arts studies. I also love the typical domino pattern and if I covered it up I could as well work on any other substrate and the term "altered domino" wouldn't make sense then. Claudia x


December 11, 2015

Gorgeous altered domino. I love the background colours and the touches of gold. Tracy x

Tracy Evans

December 11, 2015

Love this altered domino Claudia and such a wonderful detailed tutorial, full of great tips. The background looks fantastic with that mix of paints and sprays. A wonderful little ornament!


December 11, 2015

Did you use a drill to put a hook in the top to hang it by?

Marilyn G.

December 11, 2015

Thank you, Tracy, Astrid and Marilyn! @Marilyn: I used a large sewing needle to attach the thread directly to the lace ribbon I had glued around the domino. x


December 12, 2015

LOVE this altered domino Christmas ornament, Claudia!! I really like the texture created when stamping directly onto the domino!! FAB!! XOXO-Shari


December 12, 2015

Love the colors and your layers created such depth. I really like it .... gorgeous!


December 16, 2015

How lovely and beautiful this domino is!!! Thank you Claudia for this great tutorial as usual :) Coco xxx


December 25, 2015

Question....I never see anyone talking about putting a varnish coat or polyurethane finishing coat on ornaments or pieces, is this a step that needs to be taken? Just curious. THANK YOU gorgeous work.


February 1, 2016

Sorry for the late answer, Deb. It depends on the furter "use" of your altered domino and on how bulky the items are you have used on it. It makes sense to add a layer of resin or something similar if you intend to create wearable domino jewelry. It also makes sense to seal the finished domino with some varnish if it will be used regularly (for example as a mini domino booklet). As this one only hangs on the Christmas tree once a year and hardly gets touched it isn't necessary.


April 8, 2016

Brilliant work, as always, Claudia! Amazing project and great tutorial! Thank you for sharing! Hugs! Sara Emily

sara emily

November 17, 2017

Thank you so much for this simple but fun mixed media Christmas Tag.

Sha Sha Reinheimer

November 9, 2018

Thank you so much for proving detailed instructions with photos. It's easier for me to follow this than watch the video I haven't done the mixed media, so I was googling and came across yours. Can't wait to begin my project.


July 27, 2019

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