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Chalky Finish Table

By: Giggles Galore
April 29, 2015

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Chalky Finish Table
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One of the fun things about moving into a new house is you get the chance to update things and redecorate.  One of the stressful things about moving into a new house is redecorating!  It seems like the list of things to do is incredibly long and if you are anything like me having unfinished projects or rooms to decorate makes me crazy.  I finally tackled one of the "to-do" items on my list and made this super simple Chalky Finish Table with Dip Painted Legs for my daughter's room.

Items needed:

  • Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint 8oz - Everlasting
  • Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint 2oz - Treasure
  • Americana Decor Creme Wax 8oz - Clear
  • Paint Brushes


We are in the process of redoing my daughter's room and she has needed a new bedside table for months now.  I've been stalking Goodwill and garage sales looking for something I could make work in her new room.  I wan't really sure what I wanted, but I knew it would eventually hit me.  The other day I was dropping a load of donations off and had a few extra minutes to spare before having to get the kids from school so I ran in to see if they had anything for our room redo.  I spotted this 3-legged wooden table and thought it could work, when I saw the $2 price tag it was a no brainer!

Instruction #1 - Wooden Table
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I knew after a quick makeover with my favorite Americana Decor Chalky Finish paint it be a diamond in the rough and perfect for my daughter's room makeover.

Instruction #2 - Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint
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I started by painting the table with base coat of Americana Chalky Finish Everlasting paint.

Instruction #3 - Painted Table Legs
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After the paint was dry I used painters tape to mark off where I wanted the second paint color to go.  I measured 10" up on each leg and secured the tape.

Instruction #4 - Painters Tape On Table Leg
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I painted the legs with Americana Chalky Finish Treasure paint.  This is my favorite paint color right now!  I've used it to spruce up a chair for my porch I updated my office gallery wall with it and now my cheap side table will be sporting it too. Once the paint was completely dry I removed the painters tape.

Instruction #5 - Removing Painters Tape
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It's a simple table, but for less than $5 this beauty will be perfect as a side table in my daughter's room.  I added pops of color to the white table with a pretty picture frame, a hand painted journal and one of my daughter's pottery creations.

Instruction #6 - Painted Tabletop
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My daughter is an avid reader so she needed a place to keep the books she's currently reading so I placed a basket at the bottom of the table to give her some extra storage.  Otherwise I know I'd walk in one day to find this little table over flowing with books and trinkets.

Instruction #7 - Chalky Finished Dipped Table Legs26
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This table was a quick and easy project and I got to check something off of my mile long "projects around the house" to-do list.  And that feels really good to this list making mama.  One of my good friends always tells me that she loves painting because it's immediate satisfaction to see the transformation, and I would have to agree 100%.  Finishing my chalky finish table with dip painted legs was an instant boost and now I'm extra motivated to finish the entire room re-do!

Be sure to visit Giggles Galore  for more projects and to learn more about Mariah.


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