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Queen of Steampunk Angels

By: Von Pappe II
March 3, 2015

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Queen of Steampunk Angels
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Today I want to share with you a tutorial on how to create this lovely Steampunk Angel Queen! 

Items needed:

  • DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics - Quinacridone Burnt Orange
  • DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics - Quinacridone Gold
  • DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics - Cobalt Turquoise Hue
  • DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics - Cobalt Teal Hue
  • DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics - Primary Magenta
  • Traditions Artist Acrylics 3oz - Carbon Black
  • Americana Decou-Page (Glue-Sealer-Finish) 8oz - Americana Decou-Page Matte
  • Card (the thicker the better)
  • Foam board (or thick corrugated card)
  • Tissue paper
  • Texture stamp (Andy Skinner's
  • Black archival stamping ink
  • Brushes (for gluing and painting)
  • Scissors
  • Carpet knife
  • Clothes pins
  • Ruler
  • Cutting mat
  • Copy of an old portrait
  • Pair of wings (chipboard or other)
  • Big Shot and Sizzix dies: Moveable Garden Fairy, Mini Gears, Mini Clock Key & Pocket Watch, Mini Crown and Fleur (Movers and Shapers), Circles (Framelits)


Die cut all the parts needed from heavy card: a large circle base, a smaller base for carrying the torso, body and arms, crown, several gears of both sizes and the clock key.

If you have thin card only cut all pieces twice and glue together. Measure and cut four beams from the foam board (or heavy corrugated card if you don't have any foamboard at hand). Make sure you cut the beams' ends slopingly and parallel as these will form the lower conical section.

Instruction #1 - SPangel 150
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Stamp rust texture onto tissue paper using black archival ink. Cut into four stripes to wrap them around the foamboard beams. Use matte Decou-Page.

Instruction #2 - SPangel 217
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Stamp more rust texture directly onto your card.

Instruction #3 - SPangel 377
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Paint beams and other stamped pieces with various tones of DecoArt fluid acrylics. As these are translucent paints this will create the look of rusted metal as the stamped texture will still show through.

Instruction #4 - SPangel 453
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Once dry dab some Carbon Black Traditions paint onto the edges of the beams and die cut parts. Use your fingertip to get an uneven pattern.

Instruction #5 - SPangel 581
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Your parts should look like this:

Instruction #6 - SPangel 627
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Cut one of the larger gears into half and one of the smaller ones into fourths. These will form the stand for the torso.

Instruction #7 - SPangel 735
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Build up the cone-shaped lower part of the body from the large and the small circles and the four beams using the matte Decou-Page glue. Let dry thoroughly. 

Instruction #8 - SPangel 862
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Search for an old portrait to use as the doll's face and glue to the head using the matte Decou-Page. Tint lightly using markers once dry. Randomly add streaks of Metallic Lustres to the painted parts for more interest.

Instruction #9 - SPangel 928
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Create an assemblage for the lower section from two gears and the clock key. Insert the key into the hole of the gears – the Decou-Page will hold it in place once dry.

Instruction #10 - SPangel 1066
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Use the gears halves and fourths to fix the torso to the top base. These will function as supports.

Instruction #11 - SPangel 1161
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Treat the wings with "Copper Kettle“ Metallic Lustre.

Instruction #12 - SPangel 1250
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Assemble the whole figurine using the matte Decou-Page. Use cloths pins to hold everything in place until dry.

Embellish the bottom base with „faux nails heads“ (made using Andy Skinner's fab and quick technique (see steps 2 to 4).

Instruction #14 - SPangel 1360
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For further embellishment you can use whatever comes to mind. I for example let my Steampunk Angel Queen hold a heart in one hand (maybe she doesn't have a real heart inside, so she needs to carry hers that way). But metal embellishments from your stash will look great too! You can also add stamped gears to add some more interest if you like. The possibilities to finish off your Steampunk Angel Queen are actually endless! Have fun creating your own! 

Instruction #15 - SPangel 1428
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A fantastic tutorial Claudia and what a wonderful creation!


March 3, 2015

wow! This look fantastic. Great tutorial too


March 4, 2015

Wow, that's gorgeous, beautiful materials too, the stamp is definitely a 'must have'! Truly creative and many thanks for your tutorial!! Hugs, Kerstin


March 6, 2015

Hello Claudia Thanks for sharing this is a great tutorial with us the Angel is fantastic. Smiles:) Sue


March 8, 2015

Oh wow hun, you make it all sound so easy! Totally awesome effects achieved, and the end project is just amazing x hugs Sandie x


March 9, 2015

This is just spectacular Claudia!! I love the amazing texture you accomplished with your paints! A fabulous project, inspiring! hugs :)


March 9, 2015

What an awesome tutorial!! Thanks so much Claudia- your steampunk Santos is fabulous!

Jackie P Neal

March 9, 2015

AMAZING!! Oh, I need some of those Andy Skinner goodies! Hmmm..think I'll go window shopping right now ;) :) XOXO-Shari

Shari T.

March 11, 2015

Fantastic stamping and painting to create such textural distressed effects - brilliant. Alison x


March 13, 2015

Wow, fabulous project from Claudia, this queen of stempunk is simply amazing!!! Thank you for the fantastic tutorial Claudia, I was late to read it on this blog, but never too late to congratulate the author of such brilliant creation. :) xx


March 24, 2015

Thanks @all for the wonderful feed back! It's highly appreciated and what gets me going! ;) Mwah! X


March 24, 2015

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