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Meet the talented makers behind the beautiful projects you see from DecoArtĀ®. We are always looking for creators, DIYers, crafters and artists of all styles who love our products and want to create with us. If you are interested in becoming a DecoArtĀ® Maker, see here for more information.

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Maureen Baker (

I have been creating all my life. In my youth, I dabbled in painting, pottery, quilting, along with silver and gold jewelry designs. I began painting extensively in 1998 and have enjoyed painting and creating in color immensely ever since. After a few years of studying with amazing teachers, began the journey to dedicate my professional career to painting. I began by teaching and exhibiting locally, while raising my family. Once my schedule and home life allowed for it, I then expanded and began to travel teach. I began to exhibit regionally, and eventually nationally and it has been the most challenging yet rewarding experience thus far in my career. My work focuses on florals and nature which are visual favorites of mine. These are things in life that I find beautiful and I love recreating them from my own perspective. Living on a pond I am surrounded by my own inspiration.

Remember smile it warms the heart. Painting it nurtures the spirit. Maureen