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Meet the talented makers behind the beautiful projects you see from DecoArt®. We are always looking for creators, DIYers, crafters and artists of all styles who love our products and want to create with us. If you are interested in becoming a DecoArt® Maker, see here for more information.

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Ren Creative Works (

Adrian Reynolds ‘Ren’ is a contemporary Artist/Designer based in Dublin, Ireland. Adrian graduated from Wolverhampton University in 1996, completing a BA Hons in Three-Dimensional Design – Ceramics. He is currently exploring the techniques of acrylic pouring. This technique is characterised by the lack of control in the process and the challenge this poses. In the modern world we strive to control everything and always try to maintain a grip on the situation. Acrylic Fluid Painting allows you to let go of the wheel, and embrace the elements of luck, chance, trial and error, culminating in an output of sheer randomness. Even though this might be difficult and unfamiliar, it can enable you to create something amazing, unexpected and unique. Through the use of a dynamic combination of materials, methods, concepts, and subjects that continue challenging boundaries, Adrian aims to maintain a fresh and irreverent approach to his work.

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Americana Decor Texture

Americana Decor Texture

Heavy-bodied dimensional paint