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Meet the talented makers behind the beautiful projects you see from DecoArtĀ®. We are always looking for creators, DIYers, crafters and artists of all styles who love our products and want to create with us. If you are interested in becoming a DecoArtĀ® Maker, see here for more information.

Creator Profile


Crimson is an experienced, professional artist of 15 years who has attained her MFA in studio arts. She has taught classes and workshops both nationally and internationally to all ages and levels.

  • Favorite DecoArt product? - It is so hard to choose between the Extreme Sheen and the Galaxy Glitter. Extreme Sheen has such a magical metallic sheen and the Galaxy Glitter has large chunks of space sparkle.
  • How long have you been with DecoArt? - I have been working as a designer for DecoArt since late 2019. I have enjoyed making projects and experimenting with all of DecoArt paint products.
  • Why do you love to paint? - Painting is a way to express myself and tell visual stories of the color, textures and content of my surroundings, experiences and imagination.
  • Tell us about your favorite project ever? - My favorite paint projects are the ones where I notice something new while making that inspires me to use it again. It could be an unexpected thing like a certain brushstroke, a palette mixture, a shape, a texture, or anything that makes me take a mental note to use in future projects.