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Meet the talented makers behind the beautiful projects you see from DecoArt®. We are always looking for creators, DIYers, crafters and artists of all styles who love our products and want to create with us. If you are interested in becoming a DecoArt® Maker, see here for more information.

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Craftic (

Hello, I’m Jen - nice to meet you! Originally from Queens, New York and now based in Toronto, Canada, I’ve been crafting and tinkering for as long as I can remember. I’m the sole founder and maker of Craftic. Maker means making code, making crafts, making content, and really, making all the things! Craftic is a craft tutorial website that starts with the materials you've already got and guides you to make awesome things with them. Craftic is an accessible resource for anyone who'd like to get crafty. It is for aspiring and seasoned crafters and everyone in between. Every tutorial is targeted to be affordable, useful, and feasible. The tutorials inspire you to make a Craftic project and not be intimidated by costly materials and tools. If there is a project that uses a special machine or pricey materials, there will be an alternative provided so you can make the project affordably.

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