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DIY Enchanting Blue Drop Earrings

By: Happiness is creating
March 23, 2020

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DIY Enchanting Blue Drop Earrings
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Add these DIY dazzling blue earrings to your collection for an instant style pick-me-up!

Fashion and jewelry trends are changing all of the time. The latest jewelry trend of pops of color with iridescent touches is one I am definitely here for. DecoArt has made it super simple to hop on this latest trend (and create your own custom pieces for less!) with their NEW Americana Enchanted and Americana Enchanted Shimmer.

The new Enchanted line includes various colors of iridescent and shimmering iridescent topcoats that pair perfectly together. For my earrings, I really wanted them to stand out, so I started with the Americana Ultra Black Basecoat on white clay that I baked. The black color really made the Blue Enchanted and Blue Enchanted Shimmer pop when they were applied! I really love how my earrings turned out and can’t wait to try the other colors for trendier, custom jewelry pieces.  

Check out the video tutorial below to see how you can make your own DIY dazzling blue drop Earrings!

Items needed:
Americana Enchanted Ultra Black Basecoat
Americana Enchanted - Blue
Americana Enchanted Shimmer - Blue
White clay
Earring frames with wires
Clay rolling pin
Craft knife
Cutting mat
Baking sheet and oven
Jewelry pliers

Step 1: Remove the earring wires from the frames.

Step 2: Roll a small piece of clay into a ball and then flatten it with a clay roller.  You’ll want it to be about 1/8 inch thick.

Step 3: Press the earring frame into the clay, making sure the top is hanging off.  Continue pressing down until the clay pushes through the inside.

Step 4: Place the earring on a cutting mat and use a craft knife to cut around the outside.

Step 5: Flip the earring over and use the craft knife to scrape the clay off of the earring edges. Then, use your finger to smooth out the clay.

Step 6: Place the earring on an oven-safe baking sheet and bake according to the direction on the package. 

Step 7: Remove the earrings from the oven and let cool.

Step 8: Shake the Americana Enchanted Ultra Black Basecoat well and then apply to the clay on both earrings with a paintbrush. Be sure to only get paint on the clay. If you’re not able to freehand it, you can also add some painter’s tape to the earring to protect it. Let it dry and then add a second coat.  

Step 9. Make sure the black paint is completely dry. Then, add a coat of Americana Enchanted to the clay on both earrings. TIP: To avoid streaky brush strokes, brush in long vertical strokes for a uniform finish. Let the Enchanted topcoat dry and then add a second coat.  

Step 10: Add a coat of Americana Enchanted Shimmer to the clay on both earrings. Be sure to only get paint on the clay. Let it dry and then add a second coat.  

Step 11: Repeat Steps 8-10 on the back of both earrings. 

Step 12:  Use jewelry pliers to add the earring wire to the top of the earring.

I just love how the beautiful translucent colors change in appearance depending on the light angle. The iridescent blue paired with the subtle iridescent pops of glitter really do make the clay in my DIY dazzling blue drop earrings look like pricey gemstones!

Be sure to visit Happiness is creating  for more projects and to learn more about Meghan.


Thank you for sharing this nice article. I really enjoyed reading this.

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May 30, 2020

Drop earrings are my favorite. I love to wear it.

Inspired Silver

June 23, 2020

Thank you for sharing this post. I really love reading it.


June 24, 2020

Glad you all enjoyed this project!


June 25, 2020

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