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Art Journaling: Painting Focal Points

By: Cat Kerr
September 16, 2019

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Art Journaling: Painting Focal Points
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I happily consider myself a "wannabe" painter. It's a craft that takes time to develop but as long as you're having fun doing it...the outcome doesn't really matter. For me, the joy of painting is in the middle of mixing any color with Titanium White and watching the different shades magically unfold. 
Today I'm sharing these simple journal pages which for the first time also have painted focals, something I've never felt comfortable doing. But I'm learning that stepping outside of my creative comfort zone is not only part of the process, it's the most important part and ending up with disproportionate, wonky focals is simply a class in character development.  #Takethechanceandpaintyourstory #Practicemakesprogress

Part 1: Painting Flowers

Part 2: Painting a Coffee Cup

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