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Curb Appeal Makeover with Mark Montano

By: DecoArt
July 20, 2017

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Curb Appeal Makeover with Mark Montano
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At the Association For Creative Industries' Creativation Show this past January, DecoArt sponsored a virtual scavenger hunt called "Destination Creativation" – all coordinated by Charity Wings.

The grand prizewinner of the contest received a front porch makeover from none other than Mark Montano himself! After all of the entries were received, a lovely lady by the name of Gloria was selected as the grand prizewinner. Gloria decided to gift her prize to some friends that lived nearby, Ms. Eleanor and Ms. Noreen of Gary, Indiana – two sisters enjoying retired life together!

Gary, Indiana receives quite a bit of snow in the winter and stays windy all year round thanks to Lake Michigan. It was quite obvious that the weather had done a number on this front porch over the years... but it wasn't anything that Americana Decor Curb Appeal couldn't handle! 

Enter, Mark Montano... DIY guru and the man with a plan. And what an amazing vision he had for this front porch, right? This drawing inspired the whole process and really gave direction to the projects. It was amazing to see all of the puzzle pieces fall right into place.

Day one consisted of lots of prep and clean-up. Not everything we do is glamorous! By the next morning we were ready for a complete overhaul on this front porch.

Check out the video! 

And now for the end results... prepare to be amazed!

Can you believe the impact that a little paint made on this front porch? What colors would you choose for your own porch makeover?

The hand railings looked so good after a nice clean-up and only ONE coat of Americana Decor Curb Appeal in Colonial Black.

Accent colors: Summerhouse Yellow (chair, planters, doormat), Salem Grey (stairs, doormat), Village Green (door trim)

Front door color: Contemporary Coral

We sure hope Ms. Eleanor and Noreen love their new front porch and enjoy it for many years to come!


AWESOME makeover... Mark can do so much with so little!!!


July 20, 2017

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