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Americana on Canvas: Summer

By: DecoArt
July 19, 2016

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Americana on Canvas: Summer
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Even if you find yourself land-locked, as we do here at DecoArt, there's no reason you can't incorporate a nautical or beachy style into your summer décor. Nautical will never go out of fashion, and we love the trending flamingos and pineapples, Combined, these are great canvases to incorporate into your summer decorating year after year. Be inspired by alternative color choices and subject matter to inject just the right amount of summer spirit. 

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Nautilus pink
ARTIST: Angela Barger
This piece was inspired by the inside of a shell. I saw a photo of the inside of a shell and just fell in love with the spirals; they feel so organic yet calculated at the same time. I first plotted out the spiral on my canvas while looking at the photograph for inspiration. You could even blow up and image and trace it onto your canvas if you're not comfortable free handing it. Next I used Coral Shell, Coral Blush, and Peaches 'n Cream to achieve the shading of the coral areas. I'm not the neatest painter, so I finished with paint the white outlines using Titanium (Snow) White.

ARTIST: Angela Barger
I just love anchors and the strength they portray. I wanted to create a bold statement by painting a graphic background and leaving the anchor in solid white. First, cut an anchor from contact paper. (You can use a cutting machine, like a Silhouette, or you can sketch it out and cut by hand. Thank goodness, it's a super simple shape!) Adhere the contact paper to your canvas. Next, I use a combination of Sea Breeze and Sweet Mint on the background. I focused the darker, Sea breeze in the center of the canvas and blended in the Sweet Mint as I worked towards the top and the bottom of the canvas. I left noticeable brushstrokes for added texture. Next, I watered down some Desert Turquoise and took my art outdoors. (I didn't want to worry about cleaning up turquoise paint drips from my floor!) Add drips and paint splatters to your heart's content and once dry remove the contact paper. I had to touch up a couple of places on the anchor with Titanium (Snow) White, where paint had seeped under... but nothing major! 

ARTIST: Joyce Shaulis
See how Joyce created this fancy flamingo canvas using Electric Pink, Titanium (Snow) White, Lamp (Ebony) Black and some lovely Dazzling Metallics Splendid Gold!

Pink shell
ARTIST: Angela Barger
Growing up, my mother had a Kina shell sitting in our living room. I loved the texture of all of those little dots and bumps and wanted to replicate it on canvas. First I found a circular object to trace. Next, I painted the Kina shell with Terra Coral and Pink Chiffon. I made this area highly textured for added interest. I then used Blue Chiffon on the background and blended in a little bit of Titanium (Snow) White. Once everything was dry, I used the brush handle to create all of the dots on the shell. Vary the size to you liking and enjoy!

ARTIST: Joyce Shaulis
See how Joyce created this welcoming pineapple canvas using Titanium (Snow) White, Sea Breeze and some  Dazzling Metallics in Splendid Gold!

Nautical foursome
ARTIST: Angela Barger
This set of four mini canvases would be a great addition to a child's room or even a bathroom! I found four nautical objects that really reminded me of adventures near the shore: an anchor, a sailboat, a captain's wheel, and a cute little crab! Next I picked out a simple color palette: Ocean Blue, Navy Blue, and Titanium (Snow) White. On two of the mini canvases, I started by painting very loose stripes with the two shades of blue. The other two canvases got a solid base coat of Ocean Blue. After everything dried I started sketching out the nautical icons. I kept the objects on the striped background solid white and added more details to the objects on the solid background.

How will you incorporate the nautical, pineapple, and flamingo trends into your summer décor?


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