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Americana on Canvas: Geometrics

By: DecoArt
May 24, 2016

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Americana on Canvas: Geometrics
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Geometrics can add just the right amount of visual interest to your space taking it from everyday to looking like it is ready for it's magazine cover shoot! A little geometric style goes a long way. Just adding one canvas or furniture piece festooned with triangles, circles or squares will give your decor a modern and fresh look. By matching the scale of the shape with the scale of your room, you will make sure not to overwhelm your space.

Use these designs and change up the color schemes to go with your decor. Paint the same pattern on your own canvas or add it to a side table or decorative tray for a pop of color and movement.

ARTIST: Felicity Greiner
I began by using a thin painter’s tape to tape off random triangles onto a white canvas. I painted each triangle in a different color, such as Ocean Blue, Whispering Turquoise, Mustard Seen, Coral Shell, Grey Sky, and Cinnamon Drop. While the tape was still on the canvas, I used a small brush to paint in different patterns on the triangles randomly in Titanium White. Then, I peeled off the tape to reveal clean edges.

ARTIST: Felicity Greiner
I collected square canvases in two different sizes. I used painter’s tape to tape off a diagonal on each square. I painted two canvases in Grey Sky, and the remaining canvases in Prussian Blue, Mustard Seed, Olive Green, and Canyon Orange.

ARTIST: Felicity Greiner
I started with a Grey Sky background. I printed out a triangle online and traced them onto the canvas. I painted each triangle in a different pattern and used painter’s tape to get a crisp edge. I used the polka dot stencil from the Personally Yours Between the Lines stencil packs and Whisper Turquoise, Olive Green, Carousel Pink, Baby Pink, and black and white.

ARTIST: Felicity Greiner
I found a simple diamond pattern online and used a ruler to draw it onto the canvas. I used painter’s tape to get a crisp edge for each facet of the diamond. I used Blue Haven for the background and Pink Chiffon, Boysenberry Pink, and Orchid in different mixes to create the colors for the diamond.

ARTIST: Angela Barger
I found a wolf silhouette online and traced that onto the canvas. Inside the moon area, I used a ruler to create lines and triangles. Next, I used Deep Midnight Blue, Uniform Blue, and Colonial Blue to randomly paint the triangles. I also used those three color to create custom mixes for variation in color. After all of the triangles were painted, I gave the background a generous coat of Grey Sky. Once everything was dry, I outlined the wolf silhouette with Dazzling Metallics Zinc.


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