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DecoArt Art for Everyone! Learning Center.  Free Online Art Lessons

The DecoArt Learning Center

DecoArt's Learning Center is an online resource for Artists and Makers of all ages and abilities. This free library of art-related videos is available for anyone looking to understand art concepts and subjects from the anatomy of a brush to advanced composition. Accomplished artists from the U.S. and Canada will inform and inspire you with videos that provide a solid foundation of artistic knowledge. Choose any of the categories to begin your creative adventure!

Be sure to check back periodically for new content. Video lessons are being created and added to the library every month to fuel your creativity and inspire the Maker in everyone.

Creative Kids

Using techniques and ideas from master artists of the past, these videos are the ideal way to introduce young, creative minds to art history in a fun and engaging way.

Art for Everyone - Creative Kids - Create & Learn with Sponges & Stamps

Create and learn by using art to help your child with counting, memory, and more by painting with sponges, stamps, and Americana paints.

Art for Everyone - Creative Kids - Painting like Da Vinci

Learn about Leonardo Da Vinci, one of the most famous artists, well known for his portrait of the Mona Lisa. Create your own self-portrait style masterpiece using Americana paints.

Art for Everyone - Creative Kids - Painting like Warhol

Learn about Andy Warhol, the famous American pop-art artist and create your own pop-art style masterpiece using paint, sponges, and vegetable stamps.

Art for Everyone - Creative Kids - Painting Like O'Keeffe

Learn about Georgia O'Keeffe, the American Modernist painter, while you paint your own modern floral art inspired by the artist's famous flower masterpieces.

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Art Basics

Discover basic art concepts to give yourself a solid foundation of the core principles of art.

Art for Everyone - Art Basics - Setting up Your Workspace

Learn how to properly set up a painting workspace for a more organized and productive area to create art.

Art for Everyone - Art Basics - Fabric Painting: Getting Started

Painting on fabric can be so much fun! The sky is the limit for creating a wide variety of personalized projects with DecoArt SoSoft Fabric Paint. Follow these simple steps to get started painting on fabric.

Art for Everyone - Art Basics - Basic Basecoat Brush Set

DecoArt Designer's Brushes Basic Brushcoat Brush Set is a set of 4 brushes specifically for basecoating and basic brushstroke work. Learn about each brush in the set and see examples of each in use.

Art for Everyone - Art Basics - Decoupage

Decoupage is the art of decorating surfaces with paper and paper cut-outs. Learn the best technique for using decoupage to enhance art and craft projects.

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Beyond Basics

This series of easy-to-follow videos goes deeper, into more advanced concepts and techniques, to inspire any Artist or Maker, regardless of ability or experience.

Art for Everyone - Beyond Basics - Composition

Composition is the arrangement of elements within a work of art. One of those elements is focal point. Learn the different types of focal points and how to use them in your works of art.

Art for Everyone - Beyond Basics - Painting on Glass

Learn the best tips and techniques for painting on glass surfaces.

Art for Everyone - Beyond Basics - Glitter Paint

DecoArt offers four different glitter paint formulas, each with its own distinct style and shimmer. Learn about the differences between the formulas and the best ways to apply these sparkling glitters to your arts and craft projects.

Art for Everyone - Beyond Basics - Mixed Media Layers

Learn to create and build your own mixed media pieces through layering different elements and mediums.

Art Wellness

Creative expression and exposure to the arts have wide-ranging, positive effects on our cognitive and psychosocial health wellness. Explore these videos to discover the benefits of including art in your life.

Art for Everyone - Art Wellness - Art Journaling

Learn how to create an art journal page to express emotions through art.

Art for Everyone - Art Wellness - Meditative Abstract Art

Abstract art is a great way to express your emotions and calm your mind. Learn how to channel your feelings into creating a beautiful work of art with this meditative painting technique.

Art for Everyone - Art Wellness - Mesmerizing Dip Dots

Creating dip dot mandalas helps to relax your brain through the calming repetition of dipping and dotting paint onto a surface into a circular design. Learn how to unwind and create a mesmerizing dip dot mandala of your own.

Art for Everyone - Art Wellness - Tranquil Feather Pour

Paint pouring can be as calming and relaxing as it is exciting. Learn how to unwind as you create this tranquil feather pour with this unique technique using DecoArt Fluid Art Ready-to-Pour Acrylics.