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Americana Texture Sand Medium

Texture Sand Mediumâ„¢

Transform your next project with this ultra-fine texture grit paste. Americana Texture Sand Medium is ideal for almost any craft or home decor surface. It can be tinted or painted once dry. Mix it with any water-based acrylic paint for stunning textural effects.

How To Use Americana Texture Sand Medium:

General mixing ratio is 1:1. Adjust as needed for desired effect. Apply with a stiff brush of palette knife. Can be tinted with acrylic paints or painted once dry. Soap and water clean up.

Tips for Americana Texture Sand Medium:

When applying with a brush, use a crosshatch motion for a more even coverage. For added texture, try pouncing the Texture Sand Medium on with your brush

When tinting Americana Texture Sand Medium, always pre-mix (use a palette knife) your paint with the medium before you begin painting. Never mix directly on the surface to be painted

Americana Texture Sand Medium can be used to give two different surfaces/materials a cohesive look

Americana Texture Sand Medium can be used to help disguise seams and imperfections in your surface

Clean brushes and tools immediately after use for easy clean up