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Americana Acrylics



First bottled in 1985, Americana Acrylics have long been known for delivering consistent, premium quality at a budget-friendly price. There's a reason Americana is the brand of choice for more painting teachers and published artists than any other brand — the versatility and quality are unmatched.

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Americana® Acrylic Products

Americana Acrylics Category

Acrylics & Writers

Water-based, non-toxic acrylic paints that deliver superior coverage with a permanent, durable matte finish that can be varnished to create various sheens, on almost any surface.

Americana Gel Stains

Gel Stains

Translucent gel stains with a thick, creamy texture for producing antiqued or stained finishes on wood and other hard surface crafts, without the mess or fumes of typical oil-based products.

Americana Mediums


Coordinating mediums that work with together with Americana Acrylics to allow you to create a wide variety of special effects and enable you to perform special painting techniques.

DuraClear Varnishes

DuraClear Varnishes

Brush-on, non-yellowing, varnishes that form a tough, flexible, clear finish that dries quickly. Can be used on most hard craft surfaces, both interior and exterior. Available in a variety of durable finish options.