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Americana Premium



Americana Premium Matte Medium


Matte Medium is an acrylics medium that allows you to alter the properties of the Americana Premium Acrylics and increase the number of ways they can be used. Its most common uses are to create a uniform matte finish, extend color, and increase transparency.

  • Dries to a durable, transparent, matte finish
  • Increases transparency
  • Use to enhance color blending
  • Fast-drying
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How to Use Matte Medium

Mix up to a 1:1 ratio with Americana Premium Acrylics to achieve desired effects. Can also be used as a clear coat for a matte finish.

Tips for Matte Medium

Add to background colors to create additional depth and to make that area appear to recede

Mix with Americana Premium Acrylics at a higher ratio to create custom glazes

Mix with Gloss Medium to create a satin finish.

Use to decoupage or collage or to create image and photo transfers

Use as a barrier between solvent-based products

Use as a clear ground.

Use as a spray fixative when thinned with water to prevent smudging

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