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Americana Premium Extender Medium


A medium that, when mixed with Americana Premium Acrylics, extends the drying time and blending time. Can be used to create faux finishes and transparent effects. Extender Medium can be incorporated into other Americana Premium Mediums to extend their open time as well.

  • Maintains the volume of paint while extending dry time
  • Superior flexibility
  • Excellent for wet on wet blending techniques
  • Works well for glazing large areas
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How to Use Extender Medium

Apply thin coats with a brush directly to a dry surface, then apply paint or pre-mix up to a 1:4 ratio with paint. Soap and water clean-up.

Tips for Extender Medium

Use to blend large areas of a painting. If the area begins to dry, add Extender Medium to the brush. Dampen any dry areas with a clean cloth and then add additional color.

When mixed at a higher ratio, Extender Medium allows artists to perform oil painting techniques that require longer open time.

Aids in many decorative painting techniques such as floating, blending, and shading. Can also be used to add washes of color and marbled effects.

Americana Premium Acrylics mixed with Extender Medium will keep overnight on a sealed palette.

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