DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics 10-Color Set

DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics 10-Color Set
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Available for a limited time at this special introductory price! (Regularly $37.70)

The DecoArt Media® Introductory Assortment contains ten professional artist quality fluid acrylics:

Contains 1 oz bottles of the following colors:

  • Primary Magenta - Lightfastness:1; Pigment:PV19; Transparent
  • Napthol Red Light - Lightfastness:4; Pigment:PR9; Semi-transparent
  • Burnt Umber - Lightfastness:1; Pigment:PBr7; Opaque
  • Vermillion - Lightfastness:2; Pigment:PR112, PY74; Semi-transparent
  • Primary Yellow - Lightfastness:2; Pigment:PY3, PY73, PW6; Transparent
  • Phthalo Green-Blue - Lightfastness:1; Pigment:PG7; Transparent
  • Primary Cyan - Lightfastness:1; Pigment:PB15:4, PW6, PW6; Semi-transparent
  • Dioxazine Purple - Lightfastness:2; Pigment:PV23; Semi-transparent
  • Carbon Black - Lightfastness:1; Pigment:PBk7; Opaque
  • Titanium White - Lightfastness:1; Pigment:PW6; Opaque

These fluid acrylics are highly pigmented and formulated to deliver professional artist performance for all skill levels at an affordable price. They are intermixable, durable, and permanent with superior adhesion to most surfaces.

SAVE with this sampler kit. Retail value of contents, if bought separately, is $37.70.