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Ever wish you could purchase an old, flared-out flat brush like the one your teacher uses for her stippling techniques?
Kathy Langdon has discovered a way of making one with Snow-Tex. Place a pile of Snow-Tex on your palette. Pounce any flat brush into the Snow-Tex, working it well into the ferrule (until it flares out the amount you want). After the brush is thoroughly dry, wash out about half of the Snow-Tex. The rest will work itself out as you use the brush. Now even beginners can own those treasured "scruffy" brushes.
Does the feather you use to place the veins in a marble faux finish go limp and become impossible to control?
Lars Kristiansen suggests spraying the feather with Americana Matte Spray Sealer. Allow to dry thoroughly before you paint. This will not only give you more control and make the veins easier to place, but also make the clean-up easier.


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