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Need to fill nail holes while prepping a piece?
Found your wood filler, but it's all dried up? We have found the perfect solution -- Decorating Paste! You can apply Decorating Paste with your palette knife to fill nail holes or open-end grain. When dry, sand and proceed to paint as usual.
Have you ever transferred a pattern only to discover you left out an important line?
You can eliminate this problem by placing your pattern on the surface, placing graphite under the pattern and then placing a piece of waxed paper over the pattern. As you trace the pattern, your stylus will leave an imprint in the waxed paper so you will always know exactly which lines you have traced.
Does grey graphite paper make your pattern lines too dark when transferring onto a white or light-colored surface?
Try using white graphite paper! Transfer the pattern in the normal way by placing the white graphite under the pattern and tracing the lines. When you lift the pattern, simply wipe your hand across any nearby "dusty" surface. Lightly rub the "dust" (regular household dust) across the white lines and they will become clearly visible.


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