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Painting On Metal Surfaces
Metal is one of the hot new decorating trends. Take a walk through any department store or decorating specialty store and you will find metal accessories for every room in your home. Home decor magazines are featuring metal decorations from candle holders to plant containers, watering cans to wind chimes.

DecoArt's No-Prep Metal Paint lets you easily duplicate unique, decorator metal pieces for your home at a fraction of what they would cost at up-scale boutiques.
In the past, the preparation for painting on metal pieces was quite lengthy and tedious because most paints would not adhere to the non-porous, slick surface. No-Prep Metal Paint is formulated to adhere directly to clean metal surfaces.

It is now quick and easy to paint on metal. You can paint on pails or tins and create containers for every season. There is no special protective coating needed because the final sealer is built right into the paint. No-Prep Metal Paint dries to a weatherproof finish, which makes it ideal for any outdoor projects. Think of having the most unique mailbox on your block!
No-Prep Metal Paint can be used on almost any type of metal. You can easily find galvanized metal watering cans, brass containers or wrought iron outdoor furniture. Let creativity be your guide and visit your local thrift stores. How about a painted tricycle, a decorated muffin tin or a personalized file cabinet? Unique metal painting surfaces abound if you just look for them.


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