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FAQs for Patio Paint

1. Can Patio Paint be used on metal such as a mailbox?
Patio Paint was formulated for use on porous surfaces such as terra cotta, wood, concrete, etc. It will not adhere well to metal or other non-porous surfaces. We recommend you use No-Prep Metal Paint Clear Medium for non-rusted, raw metal. If you have a pre-painted mailbox, you may want to check with your local home improvement center or hardware store for a product that will be compatible with your surface and finish.

2. I have used Patio Paint on my stepping stones, and am wondering if I can also use it on fabric by mixing it with fabric medium?
We do not recommend using Patio Paint on fabric. The best product to use on fabric is DecoArt SoSoft Fabric Acrylics. They are formulated specifically for use on fabric. No fabric medium or heat setting are required with SoSoft. You may also use Americana Acrylics with Fabric Medium added. You would need to heat set your project if you use Americana.

3. Can I use Patio Paint Clear Coat over acrylic paint to provide protection from the weather?
Some craft acrylic paint colors are not lightfast. Whatever you use as a sealer will not protect them from fading. It is best to use paints specifically for outdoor use. Patio Paint was formulated for this reason. Patio Paint Clear Coat may repel moisture when used as a sealer, but it may not work well with the acrylics you used. If you have already painted an outside project with regular acrylics, test the Clear Coat or other sealers over an inconspicuous area or on a similar surface before applying them to your entire project.

4. How should I prepare terra cotta pots for painting? Do they need a sealer or can I just clean them and paint?
No primer or sealer is needed for painting terra cotta with Patio Paint. If the pots have been used previously, you need to scrub them with with a stiff bristle brush and warm, soapy water. Rinse and allow to dry thoroughly before painting. Apply the Patio Paint inside and outside of the pot. Because terra cotta is so porous, you must seal everything, including inside the little drainage hole at the bottom. If you do not completely seal the pot, moisture will soak into the porous clay and push the paint off.

5. I am getting ready to paint some terra cotta pots with Patio Paint, but the pots are covered with white residue from being used. Is it necessary to remove this and what is the best method to use?
The deposits you see are caused by minerals and substances that leach out of soil. Terra cotta pots are porous which allows the water and minerals to soak through when you water your plants. These deposits should be removed as much as possible before painting. Use warm, soapy water and a stiff brush to scrub them off. Allow the pots to dry completely before painting.

6. I am painting wooden swings with Patio Paint. Should I prime or seal the wood before I paint it?
If your swings are raw wood, a primer is not really necessary when using Patio Paint since it is a one step product requiring no primer or sealer. If you are painting pre-painted swings, I would sand, tack and prime them with DecoArt Multi-Purpose Sealer before using the Patio Paint. Another good choice for painting outdoor furniture is Americana Satins, paints especially formulated for furniture.

7. I would love to start a concrete craft hobby, painting statues and animals. Which would be the best paints for this and is there a color chart for mixing and matching paints to get certain colors?
Patio Paint would be the best choice for painting on concrete items. It was formulated for use on porous surfaces such as raw terra cotta, concrete and wood that will be used outside. Patio Paint is a one-step product which needs no primer or sealer. Because there are 48 colors available, color mixing may not be necessary. If you do decide to mix colors, a good way to come up with ratios is to add the paint drop by drop. For example, if you wanted to mix a Caucasian flesh color, a 4:l mix of Daisy Cream and Terra Cotta would give you one tone. You could add more light or dark to achieve darker or lighter tones.

8. I used Patio Paint to paint a birdbath. Will the paint harm the birds? Should I use a protective coating on the part that holds the water?
Our paints are non-toxic and will not harm birds. We recommend using swimming pool paint in the bowl area where water will be standing. Be sure to read the label on the paint to make sure that it is also safe for wildlife.

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