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Austin, TX. 78717-5911
Ph. (512)  331-5656
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Product Lines Carried
Americana Acrylics
Americana Satins
Americana Spray Sealers
Americana Stuccos
Brush-On Sealers
Americana Drying Time Extender
Candle Painting Medium
Americana Canvas Gel
Control Medium
Craft Twinkles
Craft Twinkles Paint Pots
Dazzling Metallics
DecoArt Brush and Stencil Cleaner
Americana DuraClear Varnishes
Americana Fabric Painting Medium
Americana Glazing Medium
Glamour Dust
Halloween Paints
Liquid Rainbow
Liquid Rainbow Pattern Books
Liquid Rainbow Styrene Painting Blank
Americana Multi-Purpose Sealer
No-Prep Metal Paint
Patio Paint
Patio Paint Paint Pots
Patio Paint Texturals
Americana Pearlizing Medium
SoSoft Fabric Acrylics
SoSoft Paint Pot Sets
Americana Staining/Antiquing Medium
Stamping Medium
Americana Star Lite Varnish
Americana Texturizing Medium
Triple Thick Gloss Glaze
Americana Weathered Wood


The Most Complete Line of Acrylic Paints & Specialty Finishes in the World
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