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Wishing You A Hoppy Easter

Turn terra cotta pots in to this cute little whimsical bunny with Patio Paint.

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      Wishing You A Hoppy Easter
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Product Note
Patio Paint is a self-sealing exterior paint. No prior preparation is needed when working on wood. For other surfaces, follow directions on label. Patio Paint may be used on all porous surfaces such as concrete, terra cotta, wood, plaster, etc. Because of the self-sealing agents, the paint does not require a varnish upon completion.

Painting Instructions
1. Hat: Paint 3" saucer Sunflower Yellow with #12 flat brush and shade with Golden Honey. Cut ear shapes from white felt and glue to saucer bottom.

2. Face: Paint 2-1/2" bead, heart shape and 2 small circles Cloud White. Paint peg and other small circle Carnation Pink. Glue pieces into place, referring to photo. Lightly sponge a little Carnation Pink onto cheeks. Add black with #1 liner to eyes and dots to cheeks. Cut wire into 4 equal pieces and glue into place for whiskers.

3. Body: Glue two 4" pots rim to rim and use photo as pattern guide. Paint overalls Light Waterfall Blue and remaining areas Cloud White. Shade with Cloud White and Wrought Iron Black. Cut arms from white felt and glue, referring to photo.

4. Transfer pattern* for egg basket onto large wood circle. Paint basket Sunflower Yellow, shaded with Golden Honey and highlighted with Cloud White. Paint grass with 1:1 mix of Pine Green and Cloud White. Use #6 flat brush to paint eggs Carnation Pink, Blue Bell and Sunflower Yellow. Paint the remainder of circle Light Waterfall Blue.

5. Turn 5" saucer upside down and paint Pine Green highlighted with 1:1 mix of Pine Green and Cloud White. Paint "feet" Cloud White.

6. Glue sections into place, referring to photo. When completely dry, use marker to add details to basket, hat and overalls.
Designer: Marcia Goss

* Transferring a Pattern
Lay tracing paper over pattern and draw the basic lines. Lay this tracing on the surface to be painted. Slip graphite paper between the tracing and the surface. Tape to secure. Trace with a pencil to transfer the design. Do not trace details until after basecoating has dried.

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