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Textured Leaf Trio

Give a trio of canvas autumn color and texture with Americana Acrylics and Paintable Textures.

DecoArt Products Required

        Paintable Texture - Glass
        Americana Acrylics
        Dazzling Metallics Metallic Glazes
        Americana Brushes
        Palette Knife

      Textured Leaf Trio
      Leaf #1
      Textured Leaf Trio
      Leaf #2
      Textured Leaf Trio
      Leaf #3

Preparation: Remove canvases from packaging. Cover work surface with paper and set canvases on top of paper.

1. Use 3/4" flat brush and Hauser Medium Green to paint one canvas; let dry. Repeat with Rookwood Red on another and Golden Straw on third.
2. Trace one leaf pattern three times on each paper of coordinating paper set. Repeat for other leaf shapes.
3. Cut out all leaf shapes. Set one leaf in each set aside. Refer to photo and tear other two leaves in each set into strips and place as desired over solid leaf shape. Use glue stick to cover back of strips completely and glue in place, aligning edges of leaves. Let glue dry.
4. Use flat brush and tacky glue to cover back of leaf shapes and place on canvases as desired, pressing leaves flat to remove any air pockets and seal edges. (It may be necessary to turn canvas over and press from back side on flat surface) Let glue dry.
5. Use palette knife to apply Texture Glass over canvases in uneven pattern; let dry.
6. Use foam brush to paint over Texture on each canvas with Medieval Gold Dazzling Metallic Glaze. While wet, rub off excess in circular motion with lightly damp paper towel so that opaque areas of Medieval Gold are only seen in crevices or raised areas. Let dry.
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