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Sun, Moon & Stars

Make a plain tuxedo shirt sparkle with celestial designs done with So-Soft Metallics and Heavy Metals Gold!

DecoArt Products Required

        SoSoft Metallics
        SoSoft Glitters

      Sun Moon  Stars
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Wash shirt (do not use fabric softener) allow to dry. Make a photocopy of the pattern sheet and use the glue stick on the back of the photocopy to stick the pattern to the paper side of a sheet of freezer paper (NOT the slick, waxed side). Then, with scissors, cut out the shapes. (If desired, you can trace the shapes directly onto the freezer paper and then cut them out.) Arrange the shapes on the shirt, wax side down, and iron them in place with iron set to permanent press. Make sure edges are ironed down tightly. Using masking tape, mask off all areas not to be painted - around the armholes, across the shoulders, around the collar and if using tuxedo shirt, down both sides of the front placket. Use the masking tape to make a "V" shape at the bottom. Put cardboard shape inside garment.

1. Barely dampen the sea sponge with water and wring out well. Put some of the Bright Blue So-Soft Metallic out on a paper plate. Be sparing with this first color and sponge it here and there over the area inside the masking tape borders. Next, rinse out the sponge and use the Bronze So-Soft Metallic. Use a bit more of this color, but be sure you are not covering any areas solidly. Last, rinse the sponge and use the Glorious Gold So-Soft Metallic. The gold will be applied heavier than the other two colors, especially around the edges of the freezer paper shapes; however, do not cover up all the black. You want some to show through. Let dry thoroughly.

2. Remove the masking tape and peel off the freezer paper. Outline all the shapes with Heavy Metals Karat Gold to define the shapes. Let dry.

3. Add button covers and glue fringe on the "V"-shaped bottom of the t-shirt with fabric glue, if desired. ("I found some celestial charms in a craft store and made button covers for the tuxedo shirt and also matching earrings.")

Allow shirt to dry flat 4 to 6 hours. Shirt will be wearable after 24 hours and washable after 72 hours. Turn inside out, delicate wash, hang to dry.

The artist may be contacted for further information at:
Marlene Schuman
18735 Eastgate Rd.
Crosby, TX 77532

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