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Styrofoam Starfish

Paint a shining starfish (or any other project on Styrofoam) with DecoArt's newest specialty product, MagiKote.

DecoArt Products Required

        Americana Gel Stains
        Americana Acrylics
        Glamour Dust

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Note: Allow to dry between steps.
1. Freehand starfish onto Styrofoam with marker, or find starfish pattern online, print, and transfer onto foam with marker.
2. Use Styrofoam cutter or serrated knife to carefully cut out shape.
3. Use craft knife to remove edges and round out starfish arms, leaving raised, flat area in center of each arm. (Refer to photo for placement.)
4. Use sandpaper to smooth rough edges and define shape of arms.
5. Use fan brush or old scruffy brush to apply MagiKote over starfish. Set aside to dry for a few hours or place in front of fan to reduce dry time. Use sandpaper to smooth any areas you wish to change or define.
6. Apply second coat of MagiKote. Set aside to dry.
7. Use 3/4" flat brush to paint entire starfish Spicy Mustard. While wet, pick up Canyon Orange on corner of brush and blend around raised flat area on each arm. Let dry.
8. Lightly tap Espresso on each raised flat area. Let dry.
9. Coat starfish with Walnut Gel Stains. Immediately wipe back with slightly dampened paper towel or soft cloth. Let dry.
10. Use fan brush and Cadmium Yellow to lightly dry brush starfish. Repeat using Bleached Sand.
11. Position evenly-spaced glue dots on raised flat areas of arms. Firmly press pearls into glue dots.
12. Coat starfish with Crystal Glamour Dust.

Helpful Hints
If you prefer,use Staining/Antiquing Medium (DS51) and Americana Acrylics Espresso (DA271) instead of Walnut Gel Stain to achieve stained look.
Do not use hair dryer or heat gun to speed drying of MagiKote. This may cause bubbling.
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