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Step Into My Garden

Paint a stepping stone too pretty to step on, using DecoArt's weatherproof Patio Paints.

DecoArt Products Required

        Patio Paint

      Step Into My Garden
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1. Clean stone with water. Trace sky area. Paint sky Lt. Waterfall Blue. Grass: Sprout Green. float Pine Green at the top. Float clouds on with White. Trace pattern.

2. House #1 - Paint roof with a mix of 1 part F. Pink + 1 part P. Brick. Lines are White. Paint house D. W. Blue. Shade under the roof Black. Float edges of flowers White. Centers are Black. Dot with Gold.

3. House #2 - Paint roof D. W. Blue. Float Black on the roof. Paint house a. Mum. Float W. Brown under roof and right side of center line. Flower center is P. Brown. Petals are F. Pink. Leaves are Pine Green. Door is Black. Paint windows Gold.

4. House #3 - Paint roof A. Mum. float W. Brown on top. Paint house with a mix of 1 part F. Pink + 1 part P. Brick. Paint door Black. Scallops and dots are White.

5. House #4 - Paint roof same as house #3. Paint house D. W. Blue. Float Black under the roof and left side of center line. Paint door Black. Paint windows same as house #2.

6. House #5 - Paint roof D. W. Blue. Float Black on top. Paint Bow White. Paint house A. Mum. float W. Brown under the roof. Float a shade of G. Red on right side of heart. Stripes are Lt. W. Blue. Scallops are G. Red. Dots are White. Dot flower center Gold. Dot petals White. Leaves are Pine Green.

7. Posts and platforms: P. Brown. Float W. Brown on posts below platform and to sides of each platform.

8. Outline houses, roofs, windows, posts and platforms with Black. Paint chimneys Black.

9. Paint vines Pine Green. Leaves are painted with Lt. E. Green tipped into Pine Green. Stipple Pine Green for bushes. Load brush in Lt. E. Green and stipple over Pine Green. Add dots of various colors to bushes and vines.

10. When dry, apply 2 coats of Clear Coat, allowing the first coat to dry before applying second.
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