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Songbird Triptych

Put these stylish songbird canvases on your walls for a song with Americana Acrylics.

DecoArt Products Required

        Americana Acrylics
        Americana Brushes
        Americana Multi-Purpose Sealer

      Songbird Triptych
      Click here for bird patterns
      Songbird Triptych
      click here for background pattern 1
      Songbird Triptych
      click here for background pattern 2

1. Use flat brush to paint one canvas in each of Lemonade, Soft Peach, and Turquoise Blue. Let dry.
2. Trace and transfer background patterns onto canvases.
3. On Lemonade canvas, use script brush dipped in Toffee to paint over pencil lines. Referring to photo for placement, use #4 round brush to add stem. Let dry.
4. Transfer thistle pattern onto Turquoise Blue canvas and paint along pencil lines with Toffee.
5. On Soft Peach canvas, use #2 script liner brush and Toffee to load and drag brush down length of canvas to paint lines for stems. (Refer to photo for angles of some lines and connections of partial lines.)
6. Referring to photo, use #6 round brush and Toffee to paint buds on stems by pressing and dragging toward stem while slowly lifting. Let dry.
7. Lay three canvases in position as they will hang. Refer to photo for placement and use #4 round brush and Asphaltum to paint branches across canvases. Let dry.
8. Trace and transfer bird pattern to accompanying backgrounds (refer to photos).
9. Paint bird shapes with Asphaltum; let dry.
10. Apply coat of Multi-Purpose Sealer over canvases and let dry completely.

Helpful Hints
1. Bird patterns can also be transferred by rubbing pencil lead on back of graphite paper over pattern lines, then tracing over pattern lines on front of paper with back side against canvas.
2. A hair dryer on low setting can be used to speed drying process.
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