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Snow Place Like Home

Welcome them to your home this winter with this charming reminder of snow created with Americana Acrylics and Snow-Tex. Project painted and designed by Elaine Holcomb. Visit her online at Contact her at

DecoArt Products Required

        Americana Acrylics
        Americana Brushes
        Wood Sealer
        Americana Star Lite Varnish
        Americana Spray Sealers

      Snow Place Like Home
      Click here for pattern

1. Apply Wood Sealer and let dry.
2. Using #10 flat brush basecoat sky Baby Blue; blend in Bleached Sand and Antique White near horizon line.
3. Referring to photo, transfer pattern to hanger front.
4. Use #2 flat brush to paint house Antique White and shade with Burnt Umber. Paint roof, chimneys, windows, and door Lamp Black. Paint snow on rooftop with Bleached Sand. Use liner brush and Bleached Sand to make smoke coming from chimneys.
5. Use liner brush and Burnt Umber to make rear tree trunks and branches. Paint fence lines Burnt Umber.
6. Use #2 flat brush to stipple in frost on branches with Bleached Sand. Apply Star Lite Topcoat over top of frosted branches. Use liner brush to highlight tree trunks with tiny strokes of Bleached Sand.
7. Paint snowman with Bleached Sand. Use angular brush to float Baby Blue on sides of snowman. Refer to photo and float Baby Blue on snowy hills. Use liner brush to paint snowmanís arms with Burnt Umber and highlight with Bleached Sand lines.
8. Use round brush to paint snowman's nose Canyon Orange and shade bottom of nose Rookwood Red. Paint in eyes and coal buttons with Lamp Black. Use fine-point stylus to dot in smile. Paint hat, scarf, and bird Rookwood Red; detail with micron pen.
9. Apply Snow-Tex to make fur trim on hat and let dry. Float Baby Blue under coal buttons.
10. Paint welcome sign Antique White and float with Burnt Umber. Use pen to write "Welcome", dip-dotting ends of letters with stylus and Lamp Black. Repeat "Snow Place Like Home" lettering.
11. Paint pine wreath and little pine trees with liner brush: trunks are Burnt Umber; branches are strokes of Dark Hauser Green and Medium Hauser Green, highlighted with Bleached Sand. Use stylus to make little red berries with Rookwood Red. Let dry.
12. When dry, apply Star Lite Topcoat on pine trees and wreath. Let dry.
13. Spray with Americana Matte Spray.
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