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Shamrock Shirt

Adults and kids can create this multi-greened t-shirt for St. Patrick’s Day with Fabric Painting Medium and Americana Acrylics.

DecoArt Products Required

        Americana Fabric Painting Medium
        Americana Acrylics

      Shamrock Shirt
      Click here for pattern

Note: Prewash t-shirt before beginning.
1. Print off 4-leaf shamrock shape from computer onto plain paper. Lay shamrock under freezer paper. Use craft knife to cut shamrock out of freezer paper. Iron freezer paper to front of t-shirt.
2. Separately mix Holly Green, Yellow Green, Festive Green, Citron Green, and Sour Apple 2 to 1 with Fabric Painting Medium.
3. Use ruler to evenly space colors. (TIP: Write on freezer paper with a pen or pencil where your colors will change.
4. Insert cardboard or cardstock inside shirt. Paint with each color starting with darkest on bottom, applying two coats of each color. Use ruler as guide for lines. Lines between colors should slightly overlap. Let dry between coats and between colors.
5. When dry, remove freezer paper stencil by pulling away from shirt.
Air-dry for 24 to 48 hours and then heat set for 30 seconds with iron. (TIP:
Shirt should be washed inside out on gentle cycle.)

Helpful Hint
Freezer paper provides a great stencil that helps keep edges clean and crisp.
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