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Pumpkin Crow

You'll have something to crow about with this whimsical harvest decoration made with Americana Acrylics.

DecoArt Products Required

        Americana Acrylics
        Americana Spray Sealers

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1. Use flat brush and Lamp Black to paint pumpkin and clay pot; let dry.
2. Use craft knife to cut foam cone in half lengthwise.
3. Use flat brush and Moon Yellow to paint wood stars and half of foam cone with tip; let dry.
4. Glue flat end of cone to center front of pumpkin.
5. Glue bottom of pumpkin over rim of pot.
6. Refer to photo for placement and glue two tips of stars under edge of pot.
7. Spray painted pieces with Americana Matte Spray Sealer and let dry.
8. Glue hat over top of pumpkin; glue flower pieces to left side of hat.
9. Refer to photo for placement and glue wiggle eyes to front of pumpkin.
10. Fold bandana in half with opposite corners together. Roll folded edge up to make triangle smaller and tie around rim of pot where it meets pumpkin; scrunch up as desired and glue between folds to secure in place.
11. Glue ends of large feather quills to back of pumpkin or rim of pot at back, behind loose ends of bandana knot; glue loose ends of bandana over quills.
12. Glue smaller feathers into shape of wing on each side of pumpkin, overlapping bandana and rim of pot.

Helpful Hints
Use hair dryer on low setting to speed drying of paint.
To save time, remove all labels or tags from products before beginning.
Cover work area with waxed paper.
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