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Pink & White Swirled Ornaments

Americana Frost and 3D Frost Enamels add elegance to simple glass holiday ornaments.

DecoArt Products Required

        Americana Frost Gloss Enamels
        Americana 3D Frost Gloss Enamels

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Note: Allow to dry between painting steps.
1. Wipe off ornaments with paper towels and alcohol.
2. Dip cosmetic sponge in White Frost; dab excess paint on plate or palette before dabbing on glass. Dab all over ornament and repeat if needed.
3. Let dry and then use White 3D Frost Writer to add swirls and petals.
4. Cut ribbon and tie into bow through top of ornament.
5. Repeat steps for pink ornament using Pink Frost and Pink 3D Frost Writer.
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