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Owl Pumpkin

Who helps you create this wise pumpkin? DecoArt and Americana Acrylics, that's who.

DecoArt Products Required

        Americana Acrylics
        Americana Writers
        Americana Spray Sealers
        Americana Brushes

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Preparation: Remove all stickers or labels from surfaces.

1. Remove stems from two pumpkins and glue smaller pumpkin on top of large pumpkin.
2. Glue largest feather ovals and teardrop pieces over bottom edge of each 3" x 4/5" oval; gradually go around wing, overlapping feather pieces off sides. Beginning at bottom area of wing, layer smaller pieces over foundation until wing is completely covered in feathers.
3. For ears, refer to photo for placement and glue rim of pots on owl head.
4. Use flat brush and Raw Sienna to paint pumpkins, ears, and wings, working paint into crevices of feathers.
5. Refer to photo for placement, paint Buttermilk oval on chest with flat brush. Paint two XXL oval pieces Buttermilk for brows. Let dry.
6. Use shader brush and Mustard Seed to paint split egg for beak, two 1 1/2" circles for eyes, and two 1 3/4" hearts for feet; let dry.
7. Use shader brush and Lamp Black to paint 1" split balls for eye centers; let dry. When dry, glue Lamp Black eye centers over Mustard Seed circles.
8. Refer to photo for placement and glue feet, ears, brows, beak, and eyes to owl.
9. Referring to photo for placement, glue wing to each side of owl.
10. Refer to photo and use Black Americana Writer to paint scalloped lines for feather details on chest, curved lines for bags under eyes, nostrils on beak, and bushy hair on brows.
11. Spray owl with Americana Gloss Sealer; let dry.
12. Glue fringe to top of head, covering hole where stem was.

Helpful Hint
For first coat on wings, I thinned paint with water slightly to seep into crevices.
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