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Lovebirds Shirt

Birds of a colorful feather flock together on a t-shirt decorated with Ink Effects Fabric Transfer Paint.

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        Ink Effects

      Lovebirds Shirt
      Click here for pattern

Note: Allow to dry between painting steps.
1. Print off lovebird pattern.
2. Paint branch Brown.
3. Paint feet Yellow.
4. Paint cheeks Pink.
5. Paint beaks Orange.
6. For bird on left, paint body, Turquoise and wings, eyelids, and hair, Purple.
7. For bird on right, paint body, Purple and wings, eyelids, and hair, Turquoise.
8. Paint large heart, Red and smaller hearts, Violet.
9. Paint pupils of eyes, Black.
10. Use liner brush to outline eyes, beaks, and feet with Black. Add eyebrows to both and eyelashes to Purple bird using Black.
11. Once pattern has dried for at least 30 minutes, place shirt on ironing board and place painted pattern face down on shirt. Place piece of clean paper on top and iron on high setting for 30 seconds, keeping iron in motion.
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