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Leaping Santa Ornament

Hang this spry Santa on your holiday tree with Dazzling Metallics and Americana Acrylics.

DecoArt Products Required

        Dazzling Metallics
        Americana Acrylics
        Craft Twinkles

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1. Paint wood pieces as follows: two extra extra large circles and four rectangles, Santa Red; four small ovals, large wood heart, and two small teardrops, Snow White; two small and two medium hearts and mini craft stick, Lamp Black; extra large circle, Flesh Tone; small square, Splendid Gold. Let all dry.
2. Paint small Lamp Black square at center of Splendid Gold square.
3. Rub a little powder blush onto Santa's face for cheeks.
4. Mix a little Santa Red and Snow White together to create pink, then paint small circle for nose.
5. Glue four rectangles to back of one Santa Red circle. Glue second Santa Red circle on top.
6. Glue one small oval at each end of rectangles. Glue large heart at top of circle and mini craft stick across center. Glue small square on top.
7. Glue small circle to head and small teardrop on each side for moustache. Glue head between circles at top. (Top of heart will overlap moustache a little.)
8. Use end of brush handle to make Lamp Black dots for eyes. Let dry; use toothpick dipped in Snow White to add small dot to each eye and cheeks.
9. Glue small Lamp Black heart at end of each upper rectangle for mittens, and medium Lamp Black heart at end of each lower rectangle for boots.
10. Cover small Snow White ovals, teardrops, and heart with Snow-Tex. Use toothpick to place a little Snow-Tex on head for tuft of hair and eyebrows.
11. To make hanging ornament, attach ends of piece of cord to each hand with mini clothespin. (Optional)

Helpful Hint
Add more holiday bling by painting over suggested colors with corresponding color of Craft Twinkles Glitter Paint. Or get a vintage look by repainting with corresponding Dazzling Metallic color.
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