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Holiday Thank You Card

Say thank you this holiday season by combining Instant Image elements with card making supplies.

DecoArt Products Required

        Laurie Speltz's Instant Images
        Americana Acrylics

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1. Create card with white cardstock or use ready-made one. Cut and overlay additional papers and shapes to create card.
2. Add ribbon to card.
3. Stamp or print sentiment onto small square. Add Foliage Green holly leaves.
4. Pounce or dry brush edge of card with Foliage Green.
5. Heart is based with Deep Burgundy and shaded with Burnt Umber. White dot is Snow White. Red dots near holly leaves are Deep Burgundy.
6. Holly leaves in wreath are Hauser Dark Green. Add vein lines with Foliage Green. Use short liner brush to add Burnt Umber lines for twigs on wreath.
7. Red berries are dots of Deep Burgundy; white dots are Snow White.
8. Add linework with permanent ink pens.
9. Tie ribbon.
10. Assemble card.

Helpful Hint
Refer to template and tool package for additional information on template and tool usage and techniques.
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