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Gingerbread Birdhouse

With Americana Acrylics and DecoArt snow products, you can create a unique holiday decoration that's for the birds.

DecoArt Products Required

        Americana Acrylics
        Snow Writer
        Glamour Dust Glitter Paint
        Americana Multi-Purpose Sealer

      Gingerbread Birdhouse
      Click here for pattern

Note: Allow to dry between steps.
1. Trace pattern templates onto stiff cardstock and cut out to use for pattern pieces throughout project. Placement of each piece is up to you in building your gingerbread birdhouse.
2. Basecoat entire birdhouse Cocoa.
3. Using appropriate pattern piece, make shingles on roof starting from bottom edge all the way to top.
4. Using #4 flat brush, alternate colors of each shingle among Milk Chocolate, Cocoa, and Mink Tan.
5. Using stylus, make dip dots of Warm White on each shingle.
6. Using pattern pieces, place each traced design onto birdhouse referring to
photo or placement of your choice: doors, gingerbread boys, windows, and candy pieces.
7. Mark off 1/4" frame around door and paint Warm White. Paint center of door Festive Green.
8. Using Lamp Black, make checkerboard pattern around door, then use script liner and outline on either side of frame.
9. Use berry maker to dip dot color lights around edge of Festive Green door. When dry, dip dot Warm White highlight in each light.
10. Paint each gingerbread boy Milk Chocolate. Highlight center of cookie with Cocoa and paint shade line of Dark Chocolate around edge.
11. Using #10/0 liner brush and Warm White, make scalloped line of icing. (Refer to photo.)
12. Add buttons and bow tie of Primary Red.
13. Using liner brush and Lamp Black, make smile and dip dot eyes.
14. Dip dot Warm White highlights on each button.
15. Trace gumdrop shapes around birdhouse in desired places.
16. Paint each gumdrop in a different color of Cadmium Orange, Festive Green, Cadmium Yellow, or Primary Red.
17. Highlight each gumdrop with small amount of Warm White mixed into each gumdrop color, and make line on one side of each drop.
18. Dip dot Warm White on each gumdrop.
19. Trace round windows in desired place, then basecoat Warm White. Using #4 round brush and Primary Red, paint heavy stripes of color in pattern shown in photo.
20. Using liner brush and water-thinned Primary Red, paint fine lines of peppermint candy. (Refer to photo.)
21. Using round brush and thinned Primary Red, paint shadow on one side of each peppermint candy. (Refer to photo.)
22. Using liner brush and thinned Warm White, pint highlight on each piece of candy. (Refer to photo.)
23. Trace shutters in desired areas. Paint Cadmium Yellow; outline with Lamp Black. Make windowpanes using Warm White.
24. Trace scalloped icing edge along top of roof inside. Paint with two coats of Warm White.
25. Basecoat bottom of birdhouse Warm White.
26. With pencil and ruler, mark off 1/2" squares all around base.
27. Paint every other square Lamp Black.
28. Using berry maker, dip dot Warm White all over sides of birdhouse. Spray several coats of Multi-Purpose Sealer.
29. Glitter each gumdrop and each piece of candy with Ice Crystal Glamour Dust.
30. Outline icing scallops with Snow Writer as well as roof tiles. (Refer to photo.)
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