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Wedding Flower Headband

Create this shimmering, flowered headband for a flower girl or attendant with Foam Paint.

DecoArt Products Required

        Foam Paint

      Wedding Flower Headband
      Click here for pattern

1. Cut out flower patterns. Trace three large flowers and seven small flowers onto craft foam with pencil. (Trace lines to centers on four of these). Cut out shapes and slits to center on four small flowers.
2. On four flowers with slits, place petals on sides of slits over each other to layer and form cup shape flower for buds.
Glue between petal layers.
3. Glue three large flower shapes to top of headband, 1/4" apart.
4. Glue three small flat flower shapes over large flowers with scallops of petals centered between larger scallops.
5. Glue base of flower bud between flowers on headband; glue one bud to outer sides of flowers.
6. Use Crystal Glitter Foam Paint to paint dots at centers of all flowers and buds; let dry.

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