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Floral Canvas

Paper Perfect and Liquid Beadz help create this unique wall hanging...a quartet of canvases embellished with flowers.

DecoArt Products Required

        Paper Perfect
        Paper Effects
        Americana Acrylics
        Palette Knife
        Americana Brushes

      Floral Canvas
      Click to see pattern

Adjust pattern sizes. Trace and transfer onto canvases.

1. Use palette knife to apply Cornsilk Paper Perfect onto all background areas, spreading with patting motion. Dab cellulose sponge on wet Paper Perfect to remove excess moisture and smooth surface. Repeat around sides of canvases.
2. Repeat this process using Cashmere Pink for flowers.
3. After spreading Cashmere Pink, use small scoops of Soft Lilac Paper Perfect beginning near center and between petals, working out to petal edges.
4. Place small scoops of White Paper Perfect in flower center. Use palette knife to spread away from center in streaks.
5. Fill leaf areas with Sea Mist. Use palette knife edge to pull points along leaf edges.
6. Allow canvases to dry thoroughly.
7. Use # 4 round brush and Green Mist to add veining to leaves and to darken edges. Allow to dry completely.
8. Using palette knife and toothpick, scoop and place Crystal Pearl Beadz around flower centers. Use same technique to apply and spread Kiwi Beadz around leaves and Pretty Pink Beadz around petals.
9. Place small dollop of Gold Beadz in center. Place smaller dollops of Topaz Beadz in circle around Gold.
10. Use Golden Gold Paper Effects and #8 shader brush to write "rosa" on top right and bottom left dcanvas (see photo for placement). Let dry completely.
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