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Daisy Memory Frame

Brighten a photo frame with spring daisies and Americana Acrylics; project and pattern designed by Henny Long, Helping Artist.

DecoArt Products Required

        Americana Acrylics
        Dazzling Metallics
        Americana Brushes
        Americana Multi-Purpose Sealer
        Americana Spray Sealers

      Daisy Memory Frame
      Click here for pattern

Preparation: Sand surface and wipe with paper towel to remove dust.

1. Using 1" flat brush, apply Multi-Purpose Sealer to frame. Let dry and sand surface.
2. Basecoat frame Black Green using 1" flat brush. Let dry. Basecoat Black Green again. Tape off outer edges and paint Splendid Gold.
3. Basecoat all leaves Hauser Medium Green and shade with Hauser Dark Green. Highlight with Snow White/True Blue mix.
4. Basecoat centers Cadmium Yellow. Apply crescent of Burnt Sienna shading along lower edge. Float U stroke with Burnt Sienna half-way up center.
5. Use filbert brush and Snow White to make two strokes per daisy petal, one along each side of petal edge.
6. Apply pollen dots around daisy center with Snow White, Lamp Black, and Primary Red. Place some pollen dots on flower petals and centers.
7. Basecoat berries Primary Red and shade lower edge with Lamp Black. Paint Snow White dot for highlight. Let dry.
8. Mist frame with Americana Matte Spray. Allow to dry between coats.
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