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Patio Paint

Product Description:
Patio Paint is permanent, weather-resistant acrylic paint for outdoor decorating on concrete, wood, and terra cotta. Patio Paint is formulated for water resistance and excellent adhesion in changing temperatures.
Application and clean-up is quick and easy, too.

Number of Colors / Items: 81

Painting Surfaces:
  • Concrete
  • Terra cotta
  • Wood
  • Masonry
  • Stucco
  • Stone
  • Ceramic bisque
  • Cast aluminum
  • Styrofoam

  • Features and Advantages:
  • Easy-to-use, one-step
  • No sealing or varnishing needed
  • Weather-resistant
  • Will not crack or peel
  • Scuff-resistant
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy clean-up while wet
  • Water-based

  • Additional Decorating Ideas/Applications:
  • Add accents to bird feeders, terra cotta pots, and other outdoor accessories with Patio Paint.
  • To antique: Apply one coat of Clear Coat or Patio Paint. Allow to dry, then apply a contrasting color. While wet, wipe with a damp sponge, leaving color in crevices.
  • Sponge on brick or stone patterns on patios with Patio Paint.
  • Use for durable outdoor stenciling.
  • Sponge on multiple colors for a mottled or marbled look.
  • Dry brush with metallics or contrasting colors.
  • How much Patio Paint does it take to cover surface? The surface will determine how much paint is needed to cover. However, the approximate coverage for concrete is as follows: (2-oz. = 6 1/4 sq. ft.) (8-oz. = 25 sq. ft.) (32-oz. = 100 sq. ft.)

  • Helpful Hints:
  • For best results, apply only if air or surface temperature is between 45 degrees F (7 degrees C) and 85 degrees F (30 degrees C).
  • Allow four hours before exposing painted surfaces to temperatures below 45 degrees F (7 degrees C).
  • Do not expose to moisture for 72 hours.
  • For opaque coverage: Brush, sponge, or roll on two or two coats of Patio Paint; allow to dry.
  • Terra cotta pots should be painted inside and out. Dry thoroughly before planting.
  • Do not apply de-icers or harsh solvents to painted surfaces.
  • Do not use Patio Paint inside birdbaths or fountains.

  • Patio Paint


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