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Product Description:
Whether making suncatchers with kids or creating holiday ornaments for gifts, our new Glass Stains will give you beautiful results. Our thicker consistency makes it easier to coat surfaces with rich color. Clear Glass Stain may be mixed with Glass Stain colors to achieve lighter, transparent shades or mixed with Americana Acrylics for opaque or translucent appearance. Apply with the bottle tip, brush, sponge or use Glass Stain as a pouring glaze over glass ornaments. Liquid Leading is also available allowing you to create your own designs. Gorgeous permanent transparent colors with a glossy sheen can transform inexpensive suncatcher forms or glass objects into beautiful home accessories and gifts.

Painting Surfaces:
  • Glass
  • Glazed ceramics
  • Hard plastics

  • Features and Advantages:
  • Glossy sheen
  • Self-leveling
  • Permanent
  • Easy application
  • Perfect for preformed suncatchers
  • Has leading for creating original designs
  • Can be poured over ornaments
  • Clear Glass Stain can be mixed with Americana to make a translucent glaze
  • Intermixable
  • Dries to a hard finish
  • Non-toxic
  • Soap and water or DecoMagic clean-up

  • Basic Instructions:
  • Protect work area with newspaper or other disposable cover. Remove protective seal from under cap. Replace cap. Use bottle tip to apply or squeeze onto palette for application with brush or sponge. Invert bottle and squeeze to drip over ornaments or round objects.
  • To use designs/patterns for transparent glass, position and secure pattern with tape on the inside or reverse side of glass item. Pattern lines may be seen easily through the glass so transferring is not necessary.
  • Remove air bubbles from project while Glass Stain is wet by gently blowing across surface or burst bubbles with a toothpick.
  • Should dried paint accumulate in bottle tip, remove bottle cap, push toothpick from inside cap through tip opening to remove it. Replace cap.
  • Wash tools and clean work area immediately after use. Dried stains may be removed from work surface, tools or clothing with DecoArt DecoMagic.
  • Close lid tightly when not in use to prolong shelf life.

  • Prep:
    Glass/Glazed Ceramic/plastic: Clean surfaces with alcohol and paper towel or soft cloth. Must be completely dry before painting.

  • Bottle Tip
  • Acrylic Brushes
  • Sponges

  • Appearance:
  • Wet: consistency of syrup
  • Dry: smooth with glossy sheen

  • Techniques/Typical Uses:
  • Leaded Design: Position pattern under or inside glass. Simply outline pattern or shape with the leading, let dry then fill leaded areas with Glass Stains.
  • Sponging: A nice muted effect can be achieved on most surfaces with cosmetic sponges. Dip sponge into paint. Pounce several times on palette to load sponge evenly. Pounce on surface changing direction as you work. Pick up additional colors as you work for a marbled look. A coarser finish is achieved with cellulose or sea sponges. Sponges with larger pores may cause air bubbles in the finish.
  • Filling: Invert bottle and gently squeeze Glass Stains into leaded or preformed suncatcher areas. Make sure product touches the leading or suncatcher sides to avoid gaps in the finish. Avoid overfilling areas.
  • Pouring/Dripping: Elevate object above craft surface so Glass Stains can drip off freely. We like to use ornament hangers for ornaments. Candy dishes or small bowls can be elevated with a Styrofoam cup or other object. Protect work surface by placing project on or over newspaper or plastic plate. Invert bottle and slowly squeeze Glass Stains allowing to drip and run over surface. Rotate object and make sure complete surface is covered. Allow to drip dry. Alternate colors side by side for a striped look, swirl with a toothpick or drop contrasting colors on surface for dots.
  • Opaque Glaze: Mix Glass Stains Clear with Americana 4:1 in a cup. Repeat Pouring/Dripping application above.

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